Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The World of Peacock

Some sketchbook work from first year Illustrator Grant Peacock.

Grant's favourite things include Berol Fine Liners, classic Warner Brothers animations and his shiny new alarm clock (that helps him get to college on time).

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Creative Type

Some of the results of our project to illustrate letterforms. The work on show is by Steph Moulden, Duncan Morgan and Kim Waring, all from first year.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Some work by 2nd year illustrator Jessica Shoolbraid for a project challenging students to develop their own interests and visual language.

To see more of Jessica's work visit her blog


Every year our Illustrators take part in the D&AD Student Awards in an attempt to win a coveted Yellow Pencil. This year's brief was to create a poster for the magazine 'Don't Panic' relating to the theme 'Resistance'. Here is third year illustrator Chris Lewis' entry, where he has attempted to depict nature resisting man and in particular how if left alone long enough plant life etc will take back what was theirs to begin with. More of Chris' work can be seen at Mr Slak

Two Dogs

These images belong to third year illustrator Nicholas Stevenson.

A combination of paint, collage and the creative use of plasticine, The Man Under The Mountain draws together snippets of overheard conversations to tell the tragic tale of it's titular character.

More of Mr Stevenson's evre so slightly surreal work can be found at
Mr Stevenson

Little Boxes

This image is from the sketchbook of Jo Parker.

Together with her first year classmates Steph Moulden & Suzie Booton, Jo produced a short animation in response to a brief that looked at bringing Blues music and it's performers to a new generation.

The animation and a few others can be seen by following this link - shinymoonbeans