Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Face by Nicholas Stevenson and Gabby Brace
(part of their 'Upper Body Success Story' series)

Courtyard Theatre Poster Project

Kate Ganderton of the Courtyard Youth Theatre Hereford invited our Illustration students to design a poster for their up and coming production of 'Theatre of Doom', a specially written play about the life and work of David Garrick (famous 19th century actor and son of Hereford). The play was written by David Durrant and he developed it into a 'Shaun-Of-The-Dead' / mock zombie / faux horror type affair.

Tom Wooley

Stephanie Moulden

Stephanie Moulden

Nancy Berry

Laura Petit
Louise Tulacz

Gabby Brace

Gabby Brace

Kate was really pleased with the results and will use one of the works as a poster and the rest as part of the publicity campaign. There will also be a small exhibition in the Foyer of the Courtyard for the duration of the performances on Thursday 17th, Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of March.

Well done Tom Wooley for getting the commission for the poster and Laura Petit for winning the flyer.. Here are some of the best designs.....