Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Recent Visitors to HCA - Karoline Rerrie


Karoline was great value for money as she gave three talks in all. A presentation of her own work; her association with 'Girls Who Draw' and the 'Art of Getting in to Print'. She brought stacks of give-aways and had some great advice on where to look (and how to look) for work. She also explained, in the nicest possible way, how discoveries of little known Folk and Ethnic Art could be pilfered  and she talked us through how her love of Peruvian Folk Art was impacting on her latest prints.

Recent Visitors to HCA Illustration - Xavier Pick


Xavier Pick finally made it to HCA after two previous dates were shelved at the last minute. Xavier gave us a detailed description of life in post war Iraq and explained the art of networking with the US Army. He showed us some of the films he has been working on based on the visits he has made. He promised to come back to HCA and set up a drawing project next year.

New Hereford Deli window display

The success of The Ticky-Tacky exhibition has led to Jo, Steph and Suzie being commissioned to produce a window display for the Hereford Deli. The window started off as an Easter celebration and will gradually evolve in to depictions of summer and autumn, so the design will be constantly changing. 
The Principal of the college was so impressed with the girls work that he has asked them to create a design for all the publicity material relating to this years Graduation Show. Well done those girls, great work.