Barcelona 2012

We are just back from Barcelona where we had a fantastic 4 days!
The highlight was definitely the visit to the Estudio Mariscal. The great man spent some time with us and allowed us a look at the latest animations he has made using his I-pad. He explained that working without a pen was his preferred method as pens are expensive and he has broken 5 already! He told us he enjoyed making animations quickly and spontaneously and he showed us one he had just completed for his friend Art Spiegelman's birthday. There were also animated invitations to his Grandson's party and a thankyou to his studio team after they just failed to win the Oscar for Chico and Rita.

Other highlights were the Museu Picasso and Miro Foundation plus the fantastic Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona .

We even saw Messi score three goals at the Nou Camp!