Lino-Cutting Masterclass with Nick Morley

Nick Morley, otherwise known as Linocut Boy, visited HCA Illustration BA on Thursday/Friday 10th and 11th of January. He conducted a masterclass in lino-cutting for our third years, in order to provide them with a little escapism from the intensity of their heavy schedule of dissertation writing and looming deadlines :-(

Louise Tulacz '"Sing a Song 'o' Sixpence'  

The theme/subject matter of the 'cut' was 'nursery rhymes', which allowed for some interesting research opportunities exploring the derivation of some of our most popular children's rhymes. The students responded brilliantly with some exciting images. It was interesting to see how their original pencil sketch thumbnails were modified as their knowledge of lino-cutting developed.

Laura Ellis 'The Owl and the Pussycat'

You can see alll their work on our Flickr archive, but we publish some of the best outcomes here.

Holly Litherland "Sing a Song 'o' Sixpence'

Nick awarded a prize to the designer of his favourite print and Holly Litherland was the proud (and deserved) winner of a Linocut Boy printing kit. Thanks Nick! He will be back!

 Rachel Johnstone 'Ring-a-Ring of Roses'

 Hannah Ress 'Goosey Goosey Gander'

Sophy Rady Ring-a-Ring of Roses'


  1. What great prints! Nice to see such a variety of approaches to the medium.


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